As well as undertaking traditional buying, selling and letting, here at Hills we also host regular property auctions.

There are a number of benefits to buying or selling your property at auction, and by choosing Hills you'll have expert support from beginning to end with over 75 years of experience.

Buying at Auction

Buying at auction offers a number of benefits over traditional house buying.

From the moment your lot closes, your purchase is secured. The exchange of contracts is far faster than with a traditional sale, and the seller is legally required to sell you the property.

In addition, there's the potential to find your ideal property at a price lower than you may expect, and our range of auction properties is ever changing.

Selling at Auction

Auctions can provide a fast and hassle free sale, with many sales being completed in under a month.

It all begins with a valuation, where our expert team will advise you of a list price, and what you can expect to achieve. For added security, you are also able to place a reserve on your lot, guaranteeing you won't lose out.

We promote our auction properties outside of the auction room, including our website and in print. Not only can this ensure interest during the auction, but also gain interest from bidders beforehand, meaning you may sell faster than you thought!

At the auction your property is given great exposure to a wide audience, including landlords or investors looking for their next acquisition. Because of this, we are able to find buyers for a large variety of properties, beyond traditional movers and buyers.

After the auction has completed the buyer is obligated to complete the purchase, meaning far greater security for the sale of your property too.

A Proven Record

We have had a number of successes selling at auctions. Take a look at some of our previously sold properties...